Persimmon Wine 2014 #1



For each of the persimmons, i removed the hard leaves attached to the top, and using a fork, squished the fruit so that the enzymes would have access to the inner flesh. At this point it is very difficult to remove the seeds so they were left in. Added water and Pectic enzyme. Let sit 24 hours at basement temperature ~65F.


Removed the seeds by pouring the squished fruit and liquid into a collander, and pressing the seeds with a fork to cut away the flesh.  Added the sugar directly to the mixture and mixed thoroughly. Added the Red Star Pasteur Red Dry Wine Yeast after re hydrating them in a small cup of water.

Tastes good, too acidic, Still clearing but no color.

Poured off liquid into a separate container, then squeezed the pulp with a cheese cloth to get as much liquid out as possible.

20141010_101026 20141010_101033

Left the wine in the fridge until the cloudiness slowly faded until the persimmon wine was left with very little to no color.

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