Yearly Archive: 2015

Apple Cider 2015

Apples in Cider Blend 35% Honey Crisp 25% Gala 15% Keepsake 10% Stayman Winesap 10% Empire 5%  Sun Crisp Total 5 Gallons 1.054 OG I might fortify the cider by adding 2lbs sugar to raise SG to 1.074 giving around 8.5% ABV Yeast Red Star Dry Red Wine Yeast Fermentation Schedule…
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Wine 2015

It’s that time of the season again, Time to make some wine! I was hoping to purchase grapes again this year, but the prices near me were absurd, it was cheaper to purchase the juice than to buy the equivalent quantity in fresh grapes. Next year I will need to…
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Capicolla #2

So for the second attempt at making capicolla (See the failed first attempt), I decided to make three changes. The first was to temperature control the fermentation chamber, previously I was relying on the temperature of my basement which was not ideal. Second I decided to use Bactoferm Mold-600 (Penicillium Nalgiovense) on…
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