Blond Ale – 15 Gallon brew on 10 Gallon Setup


18lbs 2row
2lbs Vienna Malt
1.5lbs Pilsner Malt
Total 21.5lbs grain


1.5 Oz @ 60Min of Summit @17%AA
1 Oz @ 10Min of Centennial @ 6.7%AA
1 Oz @ 5Min of Centennial

Carboy 1 and Carboy 2

1.034 @ 95F or 1.038 Adjusted
~ 3.6% ABV
Safale S-04 and Safale S-05

Third Carboy

1 Cup Sugar Added
1 Gallon Water Added
1.043 OG
~4.2% ABV Calculated
Safale S-04

Water Estimation for mash

21.5lb Grain X 1.5 qt/1lb = 32.25qt = 8.06 gallons
Calculation from Designing Great Beers

Preboil Water Required:

20.3 Gallons From
8 Gallons for Mash + 4.3 gallons Lost to grain + 6 Gallons to reach ~14 Gallon Batch + 1 Gallon Boil Off

Tasting Notes

Carboy 1 and Carboy were quite different because of the two different yeast that were used. S-05 has a crisper more bitter or almost citrus/acid taste too it, while the S-05 English style was smoother, sweeter version. Both beers were very light in malt flavor and the brewed hops and dry hops easily dominated the taste profile. Carboy 3 tasted like a combination of the two, it had a sweeter profile, but because the sugars have no flavor it still resulted in a crisp taste. When comparing this to your average light beer, I think I would choose this as a very good replacement that still has some malt flavor and great hop profile.


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