Apple Cider 2015

Apples in Cider Blend

35% Honey Crisp
25% Gala
15% Keepsake
10% Stayman Winesap
10% Empire
5%  Sun Crisp

Total 5 Gallons
1.054 OG

I might fortify the cider by adding 2lbs sugar to raise SG to 1.074 giving around 8.5% ABV


Red Star Dry Red Wine Yeast

Fermentation Schedule

  • 11/8/15 – Pitched yeast after rehydrating in water at 62F
  • 11/10/15 AM – Moved carboy in to fermentation chamber set at 70F, fermenting, but much slower than a beer yeast would ferment.
  • 11/12/15 – Fermentation has become very vigorous
  • 11/23/15 – Visible fermentation has slowed, but still alot of bubbles rising to the top.

More to come!

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