Arrogant Bastard Clone 2015


Not an exact Arrogant Bastard Clone, I modified some from the Brewing Network and modified based on what I had on hand. I think it should come out fairly similar, only time will tell.


11 lbs 2 Row
1.5 lbs Special B
0.25 lbs Caramel 120
12.75lbs Total Malt Bill


0.90oz Summit with 18%AA @ 60 Min
0.50oz Chinook with 11.5%AA @ 45 min
1.00oz Chinook with 11.5%AA @ 15 min
1.00oz Chinook with 11.5%AA @ 0 min
Total IBU 92.3


Safale S-05 rehydrated in water before pitching

Brewing Process

Planning for 1.5 quarts per gallon mash @ 150F for 1 Hour
12.75 lbs grain = 19.125 quarts water = 4.8 gallons mash water

+4.8 Gallons at mash
-2.750 Gallons planned loss due to grain
+5 Gallons Sparge Water
-1 Gallon Boil Off
Total Batch Size 6.05 Gallons

No chill after flameout, left sit 12 hours before pitching yeast

Fermentation Schedule

  • 11/1/15 – Brewed
  • 11/2/15 AM – Pitched yeast after rehydrating in water
  • 11/3/15 PM – Carboy reached 74F in basement at 67F, moved carboy into fermentation chamber set at 68F
  • 11/8/15 PM – Fermentation appears to be slowing, increasing temperature to 69F
  • 11/9/15 PM – Increased temperature to 71F
  • 11/10/15 AM – Carboy at 71F, removed the carboy from the fermentation chamber┬áso that I could put the apple cider inside., basement temperature still at 67F

More to come! Final poured beer pictures, tasting notes.

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