Capicolla #2

So for the second attempt at making capicolla (See the failed first attempt), I decided to make three changes. The first was to temperature control the fermentation chamber, previously I was relying on the temperature of my basement which was not ideal. Second I decided to use¬†Bactoferm Mold-600 (Penicillium Nalgiovense)¬†on…
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Capicolla #1

Failed first attempt. Ingredients 1700.1 grams Meat 3.5% 59.5 grams Non-Iodised Table Salt 0.25% 4.25 Grams Cure #2 Following schedule 90-85% humidity @ 68F for 3 days 85-80% humidity @ 60-54F for 2 months 75% humidity @ 60-50F for storage and remainder Lessons Learned Maybe too humid, or not enough…
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